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What we do

We fight for those who fought for us.

How we do it

We provide physical, emotional and financial support to those who have suffered a life-changing injury or illness as a result of their service. We give them, and their loved ones, one less battle to fight and the strength to recover and get on with their lives.

We offer one-to-one support, educational courses and other activities. We will look to resume face-to-face support in the community when Covid restrictions allow. Until then all of our services are available remotely and digitally.

One-to-one support

  • We give one-to-one support to veterans and their loved ones for issues related to their physical and mental health and welfare.
  • Our Hidden Wounds Team offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and guided self-help to veterans and their families living with anxiety, depression, stress or anger, and those who wish to change their drinking habits.
  • Our Welfare Team offers advice and guidance on a range of issues such as money, health, housing, and benefits.
  • Our Clinical Team works with men and women with physical health challenges and serious complex injuries, delivering holistic support and helping them re-engage with their community.
  • Our Very Seriously Injured Programme (VSI) supports men and women living with catastrophic injuries who need round-the-clock care. We help them gain access to appropriate support such as speech and language therapy, financial assistance with carer costs and specialist equipment, so that they can achieve a level of independence and a quality of life that many of us take for granted.
  • Our Grants Team help veterans and their loved ones in need of urgent financial support to aid their recovery. Our grants can fund anything from housing adaptations to specialist equipment.

Recovery College

When a military career comes to an end for medical reasons, the future can seem overwhelming. Our Recovery College is the first of its’ kind for wounded veterans and their families, offering courses to help them develop the skills and knowledge to aide their recovery journeys. All courses are educational and are currently run digitally.


Many veterans and their families suffer from social isolation as a result of their circumstances and miss the camaraderie and stability of the Armed Forces network they’ve had to leave behind. To tackle this and promote mutual support, our Band of Brothers Fellowship provides an opportunity for veterans to meet and share experiences. Our Band of Sisters Fellowship provides support and events for close family members.
Our Sports Recovery Programme is a great way for veterans to motivate and challenge themselves, keep fit and manage their conditions. Whether they want to explore a new activity, join a local club or even have their sights set on representing their country again, we can help. Our Sports Series provides training and competition across nine adaptive sports.

Why we do it

We believe anyone affected by their military service deserves to live a secure and healthy life with purpose. We exist to give these men and women, and their families, the support they need for as long as they need it. We also put pressure on the Government to do more.
We won’t stop until every wounded veteran gets the fair deal they deserve. Because no veteran should be left behind.

You can find out more about how and where we deliver our services, and read about the people we've helped on the Help for Heroes website. To get support from Help for Heroes, please click here.

 More information

For advice or support, contact:

Telephone: 01980 844280


Website: Help For Heroes

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