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X-Forces is a Social Enterprise (CIC) that nurtures entrepreneurial ambition and enterprise skills specifically for the military community. This wide ranging community includes veterans, service leavers, reserves, spouses and Forces families. The support X-Forces offers is through training, finance, coaching, knowledge exchange, ongoing mentoring and connections to 'Big Business' that is predominantly bespoke to the individual or business.

X-Forces provides enterprise training, business planning and funding support that includes:

  • Discovery: Self-Assessment to help individuals decide if self-employment is the right choice for them through Workshops and advice.
  • Business Planning: X-Forces Workshops and Business Advisors provide detailed business planning support to turn an idea into a detailed business plan.
  • Funding: As a Delivery Partner for the Treasury backed Start Up Loans Company, X-Forces are able to facilitate loans of between £500 and £25,000. X-Forces can also support grant funding applications, crowd funding and more. Read more.
  • Launch: Once you are ready to start running your business, X-Forces will be able to promote your launch to their community through our social media, newsletters and blog.
  • Ongoing Support: You are now part of the X-Forces community, whether you chose to start-up a business, take up an employed role or a combination of both. X-Forces have a network of expert mentors across industry sectors that are available to their community to offer knowledge exchange, advice and often reassurance!
  • X-Forces series of Blog posts, webinars, newsletters and events are available to their community to; top-up enterprise skills, network and meet like-minded individuals, promote your business and share your story with those that are deciding what their future looks like.
  • If you have been Medically Discharged X-Forces offers a bespoke Business Experience programme that is tailored to helping you decide if self-employment could be the right path for you.

More information

For advice and support, contact:

Telephone: 03301 131 111 (9am to 6pm, weekdays)

Email: info@x-forces.com

Website: X Forces

Head Office Address:
Mountbarrow House
6-20 Elizabeth Street

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