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X-Forces Enterprise (XFE) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that nurtures entrepreneurial ambition and enterprise skills specifically within the military community. Over the last seven years (as of July 2020) we have supported over 2,100 businesses start-up, and supported many more through peer-to-peer support, we have helped beneficiaries access over £19.6 million in Start-up Funds and we have delivered over 35,000 hours of training. We help anyone in the Armed Forces Community: Service Leavers, Veterans, Reservists, Family members -TRI SERVICE.

How can we help you at X-Forces Enterprise?

Our online platform, The Knowledge Exchange Hub, is the perfect place to start. This free to use Hub is a business support platform specifically for the Armed Forces Community. It is a one-stop-shop for all things related to self-employment, including personalised mentoring and advice, free training and networking events and business information, removing the barriers of time, travel and family commitments. Find out more information.

We believe in Enterprise for Life®; learn life-long enterprise skills through our tailored training programmes, whether starting a business or going into gainful employment. Understanding business basics gives individuals the commercial knowhow and the building blocks into the civilian world. Should you decide that self-employment is not the right option, you can apply the enterprise skills you have learned with us to developing your career and better focusing your job-search. 

If you are contemplating self-employment and want to make an informed decision as to whether the enterprise route is right for you, sign up to our 1-day Self Employment Discovery workshop. Discover the pros and cons of starting your own business by deep diving into your idea and venture.

If you decide that a start-up is right for you, the next available step, is to attend our 2 day Start Up Skills workshop. Courses mentioned are fully-funded and offer a consultative, immersive experience led by experts in the field.

If you are already trading and worried about the three Cs of Cash, Customers, and Capabilities, you can register for our free 1-day Business Continuity Masterclass. This is designed to help both new business-owners who are just starting to follow their dream and established entrepreneurs who are hitting hard times. This is a new programme responding particularly to the current economic climate.

If you are looking to network with like-minded people, at any stage of your journey, we hold weekly Military in Business® networking events, hosted by our amazing regional Ambassadors and with guest speakers from a variety of businesses, including our partners at the Federation of Small Businesses and NatWest Accelerator Hubs. This helps you to build your network and supports peer to peer learning.

All of these events, in addition to a vast array of information articles and an extensive network of business owners and industry experts, can be found on the Knowledge Exchange Hub – fully supported by NatWest and FSB. Register for free today as a Member and start chatting to a business expert.

Please do get in touch today. These are all FREE resources for the Armed Forces Community. We are here to help!
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For advice and support, contact:
Telephone: 0800 368 9533 (9am to 6pm, weekdays)
Website: X Forces
Head Office Address:
Mountbarrow House
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