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Walking With The Wounded ‘WWTW’ deliver employment, mental health, care coordination and volunteering
programmes in collaboration with the NHS to get those who served, and their families, whether mentally, socially
or physically wounded, back on their feet and making a positive contribution once more. Why? Because those
who served, deserve.


Walking With The Wounded's employment programme helps to secure positive employment outcomes for unemployed veterans.

The charity's Employment Advisors are embedded in veteran supported accommodation residences or with NHS regional veteran mental health teams, helping unemployed veterans to find employment and rebuild their lives. Advisors help to build confidence, organise work placements, source funding for any required training and ultimately assist in securing sustainable employment. Some Employment Advisors are also located in homeless residences across the UK in Bristol, Glasgow and Dundee, Edinburgh, Catterick, Aldershot, Manchester and London.

In the West Midlands, the North West and the East of England, the Employment Advisors also work alongside the Veterans Mental Health Network Transition, Intervention and Liaison Services (TILS). These Advisors offer Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to assist veterans who are unemployed and also struggling with their mental health.

Mental Health

Walking With The Wounded's mental health programme, Head Start provides 1-2-1 private therapy for ex-service personnel with mild to moderate mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and adjustment disorder. Therapy is provided via face-to-face and digital sessions. Evidence-based talking therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) are delivered by accredited private therapists within the ex-service personnel's local community.

Project Nova

Project Nova provides support to veterans who are arrested. The programme works with veterans to understand their issues and needs. The Project Nova team have extensive experience of working with veterans who are arrested and are in prison as well as with ex-offenders.

They will organise support, working with our charity partners, for:

  • Accommodation
  • Employment, Education and Training
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Finances and Debt
  • Mental Health
  • Children & Families
  • Attitudes & Thinking


Project Nova operates in the East of England, North West, North East and South Yorkshire and Humberside. Project Nova is not currently available in other areas of the UK.

Project Nova is jointly delivered by Walking With The Wounded and RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity.

Family Support Officers

WWTW provide a service to support military families in need. The charity establishes a relationship with family members, focuses on their priority needs and provides the necessary support that will improve family life and life within the community. Concerns surrounding mental health, domestic violence, finance and debt, housing, employment, education and training, matters regarding children and any other matters can be addressed.

Regional Hub and Training Houses

WWTW has a regional hub in Manchester. This 'one stop shop' provides support to veterans and military families in partnership with the local community, councils, employers and charities. The WWTW team in the hub deliver wellbeing and employment support as well as temporary accommodation in the training house.

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