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Blesma, The Limbless Veterans is dedicated to assisting serving and ex-Service men and women, who have suffered life-changing limb loss or the use of a limb, an eye or loss of sight either in or after service.

Blesma is the principal Association for the Service disabled of limb.

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Blesma supports limbless veterans for life, offering financial and emotional support to its Members and their families:

  • Blesma has a network of support officers on hand to help provide advice and emotional support.
  • Blesma offers advice and support to its Members who have been fitted for a prosthesis or awaiting fitting. There is a dedicated support officer that focuses on prosthetics.
  • Blesma are experts in the War Pension and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), as well as a whole range of other allowances. Their welfare team offer advice and assistance on applications for entitlements and support their Members and Widows at War Pension Tribunals, AFCS Hearings and DWP Tribunals.
  • Blesma supports Members in assisting with the provision of mobility aids including wheelchairs and stair lifts, and with home and garden adaptations so Members can remain as mobile and independent as possible.
  • Blesma has campaigned successive governments for equal employment rights, opportunities and practices. Today, they still strive to help Members find employment, and assist them in overcoming barriers to work.
  • Staying active and socially engaged after injury is essential to continued health and well-being. Our comprehensive range of activities and courses stretches from the cerebral to the adrenaline-fuelled, and are targeted at Members' needs.

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For advice or support, contact:

Telephone: 0208 590 1124 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)
Website: Blesma

Head Office Address:
Blesma, The Limbless Veterans
115 New London Road

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