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Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, is dedicated to assisting serving and ex servicemen and women who have lost limbs or the use of a limb(s), or lost an eye or sight, during or after service. We support these men and women in their communities throughout the UK.

We work tirelessly for our Armed Forces when the conflicts that have affected their lives are no longer a focal point in the nation’s media. Since 1932, we have been the only national Service charity that provides limbless veterans with lifelong support.

Our Members range from the youngest amputee veterans to those who fought in WWII, some having lived with amputation for more than half a century.

Modern medicine may have come a long way since then. However there is still a vital need for Blesma to support younger injured veterans, and their families. Our Members have survived complex trauma injuries and will need our support and expertise as they face the long journey ahead.


We know that staying active and social  is essential to wellbeing. That is why we provide many ways for our Members to meet one another and share their experiences of military service.

We run an extensive rehabilitative Activities Programme, as well as local and virtual outreach events, all designed to empower and inspire our Members to connect.  This unique programme includes family trips too, because we know that holistic support does not stop at the veteran.


Blesma helps limbless and injured veterans and their families in almost every aspect of their lives. We provide grants to help with essential goods, equipment and services. These range from housing costs and mobility aids, wheelchairs and ramps, to living expenses and employment support.

Blesma Support Officers cover every area of the UK, providing a direct point of contact who can offer advice on almost all matters of serving and ex service men and women's welfare. They provide personalised advice regarding Benefits and War pensions, and advocate for individuals to ensure they get what they are entitled to.


With our long and expansive knowledge of living with limb loss Blesma is established as the recognised charity in supporting limbless and injured veterans.

We work closely with the NHS to ensure that advances in artificial limbs can become practical solutions to the benefit of our Members. The demands on veterans living with an amputation or complex trauma injury will change according to the conflict and the times. Blesma remains a constant, committed to the health, welfare, and independence of our service men and women.

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