Armed Forces social support groups in Scotland

Issues with drug or alcohol misuse, depression, PTSD, bereavement, domestic violence, and family troubles are difficulties that many in the Armed Forces community face. By finding support groups that offer experienced advice and comradeship for people coping with problems, veterans and their families can receive the help they need.

Depending on what you are seeking support for, your GP may be able to recommend nearby groups. The NHS Inform website also covers a range of support services and groups, including help with stress, depression, alcohol, and drug misuse.

Where can I find support groups?

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. The charity's network of community teams across the UK can help you find support through social contact and drop-ins. These groups, many run by veterans, offer comradeship and companionship for those who need it. To find groups in your area, contact Combat Stress at:

Telephone: 0800 138 1619
Website: Combat Stress

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes work with veterans and Service personnel to provide a wide range of support. This includes their beneficiary support network, which offers advice and companionship for issues facing the Armed Forces community. Speak to Help for Heroes at:

Telephone: 0198 084 4280
Website: Help for Heroes

Legion Scotland

Legion Scotland volunteers offer help, friendship and support to members of the ex-Service community and their families.

Telephone: 0131 550 1586
Email: Contact form
Website: Legion Scotland

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