Applying for social housing in Wales

What is social housing?

Local councils and housing associations offer affordable accommodation for rent, which is known as social housing. Applicants must join a waiting list to be considered, as social housing is often in high demand.

Visit Shelter Cymru's website for more information about social housing and waiting lists.

How to apply for social housing

You can apply to your local authority to register on their waiting list. Applicants with priority need may be placed higher on the list, and not everyone who applies will be eligible. Priority need includes people who:

  • Have served in the Armed Forces and are homeless after leaving Service.
  • Have disabilities or medical conditions.
  • Are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.
  • Are living in property that is unsafe or unfit.
  • Need to be near family or carers.

National Housing Pathway for Ex-Service personnel

The National Housing Pathway for Ex-Service personnel is the Welsh Government's commitment to support former Armed Forces personnel obtain suitable accommodation, including access to local authority homelessness services. The Government's Package of Support outlines the support and services available to ex-Service personnel for housing, healthcare, employability, education and more.

Eligibility and priority for veterans

When joining a waiting list, veterans may be placed higher, depending on the council and availability of suitable homes. Visit Shelter Cymru's website for a list of priority need groups in Wales, and to see if you qualify under more than one group.

Who can help?

Haig Housing Trust

Haig Housing Trust is the UK's largest charity providing housing to Veterans in need.It offers general needs rental housing for ex-Service people with over 1500 properties across the United Kingdom in over 50 different local authority areas. For more information, contact:

Telephone: 020 8685 5777 and ask for housing options,
Website: Haig Housing

Shelter Cymru

Shelter Cymru provides expert advice and support with accessing social housing. They offer assistance with applications and advice about priority need regarding your circumstances. Contact them at:

Telephone: 0345 075 5005
Website: Shelter Cymru

Veterans' Gateway - Access to Housing Advice

The Veterans' Housing Advice service, initially provided by the Cobseo group of charities, and delivered by The Royal British Legion, Connect Assist and Shelter, has now been merged into Veterans' Gateway. 

The team aim to support veterans in finding, securing or maintaining accommodation by utilising the skills and resources of the Cobseo Housing Cluster, local authority contacts and other housing providers. Information can be accessed by telephone, email, live chat, social media, and on the website by visiting Veterans' Gateway/Self Help/Housing.

For more information, contact:
Telephone: 0808 802 1212 (Freephone 24/7)
Email: Via contact form
Website: Veterans' Gateway/Self Help. Please select housing to see all options.

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