Healthcare in Scotland - an overview

If you need to access health services or health advice in Scotland, Visit the NHS Inform website for information about national and local services.

What help can I get as a veteran?

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise to the nation that all those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly. Visit GOV.UK website for more information.

How can I find a GP?

There are no prescription charges in Scotland.

Your GP should be your first point of contact for most health concerns. They can provide advice, prescriptions and referrals to other services. Go to NHS Inform to find your local GP.

How can I find a dentist?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for free, or reduced price dental treatment. Many people on low incomes or those claiming means-tested benefits can receive free dental care. To access dental treatment, find a dentist near you.

Can I get advice from a pharmacy?

If you need minor medical advice or assistance, but cannot see a GP, you can visit one of seven Pharmore walk-in centres. Pharmore centres do not require appointments and have extended opening hours on evenings and weekends. Find your local walk in centre.

Where can I get an eye test?

You can find your nearest optician at NHS Inform for professional advice about eyesight. If you are aged between 16 and 59, you will be entitled to a free NHS eye test every two years. Outside of this age bracket, you are entitled to a free NHS eye test once a year.

You will be eligible for more regular eye tests if you have problems with your eyes. If you need glasses or contact lenses, you may be eligible for optical vouchers to cover some of the cost.

How much do prescriptions cost?

Prescriptions in Scotland are free. Consult your local GP for more information about prescriptions.

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