Support with job applications and sustainable employment

Working in a satisfying job with manageable challenges may be good for your health and can help you become financially independent. Succeeding in employment can also help those with mental, physical, or sensory health conditions by aiding recovery and building confidence.

How do I find the right job?

Speak to an Employability Consultant before your job search for professional advice. A consultant can help you identify your skills and suggest roles based on your preferences.

For many roles, training is offered on the job, and a desire to learn is more important to the employer than past experience. An Employability Consultant can help you prepare for an interview by showing you how to engage with an employer in non-military language that illustrates your competence, with confidence.

Do I have to disclose personal information to an employer?

If you have a disability or health condition that you think may restrict your activities at work, you can choose to talk to your potential employer about it, at the appropriate time. An Employability Consultant can help you consider the pros and cons of disclosure and present the information in positive and constructive ways. They can also help you to identify what adjustments might help you at work.

Will employment affect my benefits?

If you are receiving benefit payments, you should consider how paid employment might affect your income. This will depend on your individual circumstances.

What help can I get once I am in my new job?

A Poppy Factory Employability Consultant can provide up to 12 months of In Work Support, offering regular contact, encouragement, and (with your permission) discussion with your employer too, to ensure there is a good understanding of your needs, while also respecting theirs.

Who can help?

Help for Heroes is a charity that supports members of the Armed Forces who were injured in service. They offer advice and practical support with finding sustainable employment. For more information, visit the Help for Heroes website.

The Poppy Factory helps veterans with disabilities and health conditions to find sustainable employment through their 'Getting you Back to Work' service. They provide help and advice with numerous aspects of employability and can support you for up to 12 months in a new role. Get in touch at The Poppy Factory website for support.

RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity helps service leavers and veterans find roles that fit their unique skillsets. They support members of the Armed Forces community through specialist advice and relationships with selected employers. To find out more, visit the RFEA website.

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