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Legion Scotland (Royal British Legion Scotland) is a charity that stands for and provides support to Scotland's veterans and their families.

As Scotland's largest ex-Service membership charity, Legion Scotland works at the heart of the veteran community making a difference every day to the lives of veterans through providing comradeship, developing strong communities, and supporting remembrance.

With nearly 170 branches, 70 clubs and over 31,000 members, Legion Scotland provides essential wellbeing and befriending services for all veterans - whether they left service yesterday or 50 years ago - as well as providing disablement pension advice, comradeship events, grants and remembrance services.

Currently, Legion Scotland represents around 85 per cent of people at the disablement pensions tribunals each year and offers grants for veterans' and their families.

There are three key areas to Legion Scotland's work:

  • Comradeship: including events, clubs, sports;
  • Wellbeing: including befriending programme, a range of grants, disablement pensions support and advocacy service;
  • Remembrance: this includes remembrance events in November and commemorative events across the year. This includes a primary school competition and the Best Kept War Memorial campaign.

More information

For advice or support, contact:

Telephone: 0131 550 1583

Email: info@legionscotland.org.uk

Website: Legion Scotland


Legion Scotland
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