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Scottish War Blinded gives free support to ex-service men and women, no matter if they lost their sight during or after service.

The charity was originally established to support veterans blinded during their service. Today the organisation offers free lifelong membership and support to people with sight loss caused by age or medical conditions, such as Macular Degeneration.

Scottish War Blinded help veterans cope with the loss of independence which sight loss can cause, by offering individually tailored support and opportunities - which could include any combination of the following:

  • Expert advice and support - members are linked with a local outreach worker for advice with all aspects of living with sight loss, and can be linked with other specialist services in their area;
  • Rehabilitation and Training - one-to-one training at home, or out and about with expert rehabilitation specialists to enhance independence and mobility - either with equipment provided or simply mentoring to improve confidence in navigating life with a visual impairment;
  • Specialist equipment - a wide range of equipment which makes life with a visual impairment easier can be provided free of charge, along with the accompanying support to get the most out of the equipment;
  • Social and Sporting opportunities - regular social opportunities and a variety of activities across Scotland are organised to bring veterans with sight loss together to share experiences and build relationships;
  • Grants - financial support can be provided to facilitate independent living with home modifications to enable veterans to stay independently at home as long as possible;
  • Respite - funding for respite care stays or sitting services can be provided in circumstances where a carer is struggling to cope.

Anyone can refer a veteran with sight loss to our services by calling 0800 035 6409, or a veteran can refer themselves, to receive an initial visit to discuss what types of support would be make a difference to their life.

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For advice or support, contact:

Helpline: 0800 035 6409 or 0131 229 1456

Website: Scottish War Blinded

Head Office Address:

Scottish War Blinded
50 Gillespie Crescent
EH10 4JB

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