Support for carers in Northern Ireland

If you are a carer for someone with ill health, there is a range of practical help and emotional support available to you.

NI Direct provides information on care and support. They also offer information on employment rights for carers, such as unpaid leave and flexible working. Carers may also qualify to receive Carer's Allowance.

Help from other organisations

Blind Veterans UK offers free support to carers who look after visually impaired veterans. Help includes support groups and specialist advice. Visit Blind Veterans UK for more information.

The Royal British Legion offers information and practical help for veterans, their dependants and carers. Visit their website to find out more about Legion care homes. For more information about how The Royal British Legion can help, call them on 0808 802 8080 or visit the Legion website.

SSAFA - the Armed Forces charity provides welfare support for carers who are SSAFA beneficiaries. They can also provide listening and emotional support to those caring for SSAFA beneficiaries. To find out more , visit the SSAFA website or call 0800 260 6767.

Help for those with a life-limiting or terminal condition

Hospice care helps people at any stage of their condition to live as fully as they can. Hospice UK explains who is eligible for care  and you can use their database to find a hospice near you both in the UK and abroad.

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