Support and advice for offenders and ex-offenders in Scotland

There is help available for offenders and ex-offenders who want to re-join the community through social support and employment opportunities.

Several organisations can help veterans become confident and productive individuals who want to provide for themselves and their families.


Poppyscotland provide employment support for veterans facing barriers to work such as having a criminal conviction. They offer grants, courses and can help you look for work. Go to their website to find out more.

Royal British Legion Industries

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) delivers the LifeWorks course, working with veterans to help them identify and access meaningful and sustainable employment. This includes ex-offenders who want to train and find new opportunities. Visit the LifeWorks website to learn more.

SSAFA - the Armed Forces charity

SSAFA is a charity supporting regular and reserve service personnel and their families. SSAFA operates a network of Prison-In reach volunteers who help those serving prison sentences.

They also offer support to offenders and their families once they are out of prison. Visit the SSAFA website for more information.

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