Scheme of Assistance for home adaptations in Scotland FAQs

The scheme of assistance provides financial and non-financial support for housing repairs and adaptations in Scotland. If you are disabled, or someone you live with is disabled, you can apply for a grant to help with the cost of adapting your home. Common adaptions include improving access to bathrooms and facilities, and installing stair lifts and ramps.

Can I apply myself or does someone from the council have to help? You can make your own application to the council for a grant, but you can ask for help. If you need assistance completing the form, contact your local council, or talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau. Charitable organisations like Blesma and Shelter can also help.

Will the grant cover 100% of the adaptation costs?

Not usually. The minimum level of grant you will receive is 80% of the eligible cost. The council will assess your needs and decide how much money you'll need to contribute towards the approved expense. You may receive 100% of the cost if you are on benefits.

My local authority never has any money. Do they still have to help me?

All local authorities must provide a grant to assist someone to adapt a house to allow a disabled person to access standard amenities such as a toilet, bath or shower, wash hand basin and sink.

When will I get the money?

You will receive the money from the council either:

  • within a month of the work finishing, or
  • in instalments while the work is carried out.

What are the conditions to keeping the grant money?

You may have to pay back the grant money if the house is not being kept in good repair or is not being used as a primary property. These conditions apply for 10 years from when the work is finished. If you move within the 10 year period, the conditions will transfer to the new owner of the property.

What if my application is turned down?

If your application is refused, your council must write to you with an explanation. You have the right to complain to the council using their official complaints procedure or you can apply to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. You may also have the option to ask for a judicial review.

If you want to challenge the decision made by the council, talk to an adviser at Shelter or speak to your local Citizen's Advice.

Who else can help?

The Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP), delivered by Citizens Advice Bureau in Scotland, provides dedicated information, advice and support for the Armed Forces community. Email or visit ASAP Advice.

Officers' Association (OA) Scotland supports officers resident in Scotland who have served, are still serving, and their families. Their grants can be used to fund mobility aids and adaptations. Visit the OA Scotland website for more information.

Poppyscotland may be able to help if your application is refused. They provide grants that can be used for home alterations and mobility vehicles. Visit the Poppyscotland website for information.

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