Veterans' Gateway application process

To become a supporter of the Veterans' Gateway, please read the information below and then complete the application form attached at the bottom of this page.

Becoming a Veterans' Gateway Supporter

The Veterans' Gateway is the first point of contact for veterans and their families who don't know where to access support. Using the Veterans' Gateway they can access information, advice and support on a range of issues including healthcare, housing, and employment. It allows information and services from partners, information organisations and geolocation organisations to be accessed from one place and all enquiries are followed up to ensure that veterans receive the right support.

The Veterans' Gateway provides website, online chat, phone line and text message services available to any veteran, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Veterans can access face-to-face support through the Veterans' Gateway network of partners and organisations across the UK and overseas.

The Veterans' Gateway has three levels of inclusion:


As a Veterans' Gateway partner we refer veterans accessing the Veterans' Gateway to you to enable you to provide support. The Veterans' Gateway 24 hour Contact Centre takes details from callers, emails and live chat and refer them to the most appropriate partner to provide support. Partners also have links within online guides to allow veterans to access your support directly.

Partners have a page within the Veterans' Gateway outlining their services, contact details and locations. Office locations and contact details are shown within the geolocation application allowing veterans to access services in their area.

Information Organisation

There is no direct referral of veterans from the Veterans' Gateway. Veterans can access information partner links and contact details from a guide within each online support area (e.g. Housing and a sub category such as homelessness).

Information organisation office locations and contact details are shown within the geolocation application allowing veterans to access services in their area.

Geolocation Organisation

Geolocation Organisation office locations and contact details are shown within the geolocation application allowing veterans to access services in their area. The geolocation application will be introduced in May 2017.

Ongoing Evaluation

The Armed Forces Community have been involved at all stages of the Veterans' Gateway development and will continue to be integral in its evolution.

After twelve weeks of the initial request for support, clients will be contacted by an independent market research company to provide feedback on the services provided by partners and other organisations. This continuous evaluation from clients will be vital, alongside wider stakeholder input, in shaping the way in which the Veterans Gateway provides services.

Applying to be part of the Veterans' Gateway

To help us evaluate your application to become part of the Veterans' Gateway we request that you provide some organisational information. Although applications to become a Veterans' Gateway associate are not automatically successful, there is no one answer to a particular question which leads to a definitive refusal.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Please state which partnership you would prefer.
    • Partner
    • Information Organisation
    • Geolocation Organisation
  2. Please give the following details of your organisation:
    • Organisation name
    • Address of your Head Office including postcode
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Website address
  3. Are you a member of COBSEO or Veterans Scotland? To find out more about COBSEO please click here: To find out more about Veterans Scotland please click here:
  4. Do you receive any LIBOR or other government funding? If so please provide details.
  5. Are you a registered charity? If so please provide your registered charity number.
  6. Do you provide support exclusively to veterans?
  7. Please outline the geographical area(s) that you provide support in. If the type of support varies per area please outline how.
  8. Please list the times during which support is available including any out of hours arrangements.
  9. If you have more than one office that members of the veterans community can contact to gain support, please provide the following details for each office:
    • Address, including postcode
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Times during which support is available (If different from above)
  10. Please describe the support that your organisation provides. Please ensure that you explain how the support that you offer enhances the support offered by existing Veterans' Gateway partners and if the area of support is significantly different from those provided by existing partners.

    The support provided by the Veterans' Gateway is shown under the following headings: housing, finances, employment, mental well-being, family and communities, physical health, and living independently. Please indicate in which of these areas you provide support.

    If you are unsure about the support offered by existing partners, please use the online guides to access guides describing existing Partners and the support that they provide. (Link to Knowledge Base)

Thank you for providing this information.

What happens next

Your application will be reviewed by a panel drawn from Veterans' Gateway partners, to ensure consistency of approach. The panel will not focus on a particular set of criteria, but judge the application as a whole. They will focus on the support you provide, accessibility, your organisation's connection with the Armed Forces Community and, importantly, what you are able to offer that is not being already provided by existing partners. The panel will evaluate your application and contact you with a decision or requesting more information. This will normally happen within 28 days of receipt of your application.

Appeals against the decision will be presented by the Assistant Director Veterans' Gateway to the Veterans' Gateway Steering Group, who will make a final ruling.

Please download the application form below and send the completed version to:

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