Launch of the Transition, Intervention and Liaison mental health service for veterans and Armed Forces personnel approaching discharge

On 1 April 2017, NHS England is launching the Transition, Intervention and Liaison (TIL) mental health service. Provided across England, the service seeks to increase the access to, and treatment of mental health services for veterans and members of the Armed Forces who are approaching discharge.

The TIL has three elements:

  • Transition: the service works with the MoD to offer mental health support for Armed Forces veterans approaching discharge.
  • Intervention: personnel approaching discharge will have an assessment within two weeks of a referral, providing access to treatment and support from a care coordinator.
  • Liason: patients that may benefit from NHS care will be referred to the services where they will receive appropriate support or treatment.

Service providers will work in partnership with public, private, and voluntary organisations to support the NHS five year forward view for mental health by seeking to improve mental wellbeing.

The TIL has been informed by the findings of the national engagement on NHS veterans' mental health services which took place in early 2016. In line with the key findings the service will provide increased access to local care and treatment across England, self-referrals for veterans and service leavers, a single point of contact for veterans to access support, an enhanced range of treatment, advice and care given in a range of locations and settings, and tailored care packages for patients that can help with employment, alcohol misuse, housing and social support.

To access the service as a member of the Armed Forces approaching discharge, patients must be a resident in England, have an identified mental health illness, and have a discharge date or be found to be unfit for continued service.

To access the service as a veteran, patients must be a resident in England, have served in the Armed Forces for a full day, be registered with a GP in England and be able to provide proof of their military service.

Anyone meeting the criteria can self-refer or request a referral from a health care professional or service charity.

Visit NHS Choices or NHS England for further information on the service.

For any queries relating to the service, contact or see the attachment below for patient information including local contact details.

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