Military medical discharge in Scotland

What is the procedure?

Medical discharge varies depending on the Service that you belong to. If you are, or have been injured or sick during Service, you may go before a medical board to have your medical grading assessed. Be aware that this may not necessarily lead to medical discharge.

A medical board will assess your physical and mental capacity and can make a recommendation regarding discharge. An Occupational Health team makes the final decision if a patient will be medically discharged.

What are terminal benefits?

Depending on the length of your service, your pension scheme, and the severity of your injuries, you may receive terminal benefits, a benefit paid to you upon discharge. For more information, contact the Joint Personnel Enquiry Centre (JPAC) on 0800 085 3600.

Can I claim further compensation?

If your injury was attributable to Service, and you are facing medical discharge, you may be entitled to claim a War Pension if the injury occurred before 6 April 2005, or Armed Forces compensation if the injury was sustained on or after 6 April 2005. Contact Veterans UK for more information.

Who can help?

The Armed Services Advice Project, delivered by Citizens Advice Bureaux in Scotland, provides dedicated information, advice and support for the Armed Forces community. Visit the ASAP website for advice and support.

Legion Scotland offer advice and support to veterans pursuing War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation claims. Their help ranges from filling in forms to presenting your case to a tribunal. For support, contact Legion Scotland.

SSAFA - the Armed Forces charity, offer one-to-one mentoring for people who have been medically discharged. They can help you identify new career opportunities and offer advice about transitioning out of the service. Visit the SSAFA website for further information.

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