Dealing with the practicalities of relationship breakdown

When a relationship breaks down there are many issues and practicalities to deal with.  

These include:

  • Living arrangements for children, including any necessary maintenance 
  • Housing
  • Money
  • Benefits that individuals may be entitled to
  • Professional help from a solicitor or elsewhere
  • How to sort out practical arrangements
  • How to communicate effectively during the breakup
  • Decisions about who needs to be notified about the changes

Any relationship breakup is stressful. Practical issues need to be considered while emotions are also being processed .

Who can help?

Family mediation is often the best way to deal with issues concerning children, the family home and money. It's quicker, cheaper, and easier than going to court, and does not attempt to reconcile a couple.

While it's possible for a couple to have an informal arrangement it's best to have a more formal long term agreement. This will protect both parties.

Your local Citizens Advice will be able to provide you with free information about how to end a relationship. And how  to make arrangements for your children, and sort money.

If the situation is more complicated it's best to use a solicitor who specialises in family and relationship issues. You can find details of solicitors via the Law Society 

If you are a Naval Service Veterans contact Seafarers' Advice and Information Line (SAIL) . Their team provides expert telephone and email advice. And you are also entitled to free  information on the practicalities of relationship breakdown.

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