Foot in the Door Films CIC to develop employment initiatives for Armed Forces community

Veterans' Gateway partner Foot in the Door (FITD) Films CIC is to join forces with the Veteran and Armed Forces community in Liverpool to develop employment initiatives and facilitate transition from armed service to civilian life.

The Merseyside Employment Initiative 2017 event will take place in September. FITD Films CIC will provide attendees with information about career paths within the film industry, and film the event, gaining feedback from veterans about their employability needs and aspirations. Visit the FITD Films CIC blog for more information.

FITD Films CIC aims to address the challenges that young people and adults may face in trying to develop careers, including within the television, film and media industries. They have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and are working with employers to support veterans and the Armed Forces community.

Michelle Billington, Founder and Director of FITD Films CIC, said: "We want to see veterans and their families in our community accepted and engaging in services that will improve their career transition, social connectedness and wellbeing. Our aim is to help make this happen through use of film and employability choices."

FITD Films CIC is looking for Ambassadors to support this initiative. Those interested in linking with this aim or referring veterans and their families who may be interested, please email

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