MoneyForce - Financial assistance for the military

MoneyForce, a joint initiative between The Royal British Legion, Standard Life Charitable Trust, and the MOD, aims to provide financial guidance to UK Service personnel. Its purpose is to help Serving and ex-Service personnel and their families and dependants manage their money effectively.

What can MoneyForce help me with?

MoneyForce provides information on a variety of topics around finance, such as:

  • Managing money through planning, saving, investing, spending and borrowing.
  • Advice for your career relating to pay, allowances and bonuses.
  • Working with a partner for housing, maternity, paternity, adoption, divorce and separation.
  • Effectively managing debt and where to seek help.
  • Dealing with crises, including insurance claims, injury, illness and bereavement.

Do I need financial advice?

If you are unsure of your financial situation, MoneyForce includes interactive tools to help you get a clear picture of your circumstances. These include:

Is it private?

Your personal information is not accessible by your chain of command or the MOD. See the MoneyForce privacy policy for more information.

Can MoneyForce speak to my unit?

The MoneyForce team has conducted presentations at bases around the UK and Germany. If you would like to arrange one, get in touch at

How do I contact MoneyForce for advice?

Visit the MoneyForce website for more information.

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