Launch of Chelsea Football Club and Sporting Force partnership

Sporting Force and Chelsea FC launch their exciting new partnership, offering a wide range of opportunities to ex-Service veterans. This includes an employability course over two weeks delivered by the Club. The event on 12 September includes a free stadium and museum tour at Stamford Bridge, London, followed by a game of football.

The itinerary for the event on 12 September is as follows:

  • Veterans to arrive and register at 13:30
  • Presentation from Tommy at 14:00
  • Presentation from Chelsea at 14:20
  • Stadium/Museum Tour at 14:50
  • Make way to the physical activity session (optional) less mobile veterans will be taken by car
  • Eel Brook Common Astra Turf at 16:00
  • Finish at 17:00

To attend the event, Veterans should register with Sporting Force at

Contact Sporting Force at 0800 050 9502 or email for more information.

Sporting Force Chelsea FC flyer

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