5 Top Tips on Service Pensions

Pensions guidance is one of the most common subjects that people seek help for through Veterans' Gateway.

We've been working with the Forces Pension Society to pull together some tips to help Veterans and their families when claiming their pension.

Here's our top five:

  • If you leave the forces early, you'll need to claim your pensions yourself, 3 months before your pension age.
  • If you have an injury or illness caused by something that happened when you were serving you might qualify for a disability award, even if it started after you retired.
  • If you're getting divorced the arrangements for your pension can be very complicated. Get some legal advice.
  • If you're still serving it can make sense to buy extra pension, this can give you more money in the long run. The sooner you start to do this the better.
  • The timing of your retirement can make a difference to the pension you get so take advice.


For information and guidance about pensions you can call Veterans' Gateway on 0808 802 1212. Also visit the Veterans UK website or email The Forces Pension Society at maryp@forpen.co.uk

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