Take part in a global event to mark Remembrance Day

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (a new Veterans' Gateway partner) is inviting you to take part in an exciting global event, on the 11th November, to commemorate those who have died in the two world wars.

To also help mark their 100th anniversary, the CWGC has created a new app, which will be used on the day to share photos via social media.

The aim of using the Hold High The Torch app is to create a wave of light, moving across the world, which will be recorded on a social media aggregator on the CWGC website.

How can you get involved?

Pledge now at Hold High The Torch to collect all your posts and tweets, and publish them at the same time. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

By pledging in this way you will be adding your followers on social media to help support and increase the reach of Hold High The Torch.

So far celebrities including Dan Snow, Dame Kelly Holmes and Al Murray have already signed up.

Additionally if you have a relative commemorated by the Commission who you will be remembering on 11th November, please share their story with the CWGC. You can do this by emailing it (by 9th November) to Gurpreet.samrai@cwgc.org

What happens on the day?

Take a photo using the app and share the image across your social media platforms with the hashtag #HoldHighTheTorch. And in the meantime please spread the word to the organisations you are involved with, ask them to pledge and involve as many people as you can. You can also find out more on the CWGC website.

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