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Royal Air Force Association

When one of the RAF family needs a friend, they turn to us. That's because we can be there on the doorstep, in person, to help sort out the problem and share the load. When times are tough, nothing beats friendly, face-to-face support from someone who really cares.

The RAF Association supports the RAF community through a range of different welfare services with the aim of connecting people:

  • Financial Assistance: We will support you to manage your personal finances or support with debt management, signposting you to a benefits specialist through our nationally accredited Welfare Caseworker Volunteers.
  • Connections for Life: Loneliness is painfully common in the RAF community. Whether you are lonely, isolated from friends and family or facing difficult situations alone, Connections for Life works tirelessly to connect you to the people and services that can help the most. Our Connections for Life Volunteers are across the country and reach out to those who ask for help, to offer friendship and support.
  • Volunteering opportunities: All our welfare volunteers are nationally accredited, as well as Connections for Life and Caseworker Volunteers, we have a range of other opportunities that can be found here. 
  • RAF Association Branches: Our branch system acts as a network of support for the RAF community across the UK and overseas.
  • War Pensions and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme: The RAF Association offers expert advice and professional assistance.
  • Support in the transition to civilian life through our partner organisations.
  • Air Mail, our quarterly newsletter, keeps serving and veteran personnel in touch with one another and with what's happening around the country. We also produce Talking Air Mail for those with a visual impairment.
  • Retirement accommodation: Our four retirement accommodation complexes (Moffat, Rothbury, Melton Mowbray, Storrington) support individuals who want to continue to live in an independent manner but with a helping hand on site.
  • Finding It Tough? Mental wellbeing course: We understand that life can be a challenge from time to time and we all need a bit of help. Our mental wellbeing course will help you to recognise that you are not alone and offer different perspectives and approaches to look and review things.
  • Navigating Dementia: Many serving members of the RAF community are in the unique position of caring for someone with dementia at a distance. As part of our mission to support the RAF community, we’re determined to do all we can to ease the burden.


More information

Call: Helpline: 0800 018 2361 (9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday)
Website: Royal Air Force Association



Central Headquarters Address:
RAF Association
Atlas House
Wembley Road

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