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Haig Housing Trust is the UK's largest charity providing housing to Veterans in need.

Haig Housing Properties, Canada Street, Manchester,

Specifically, it provides:

General needs rental housing for ex-Service people with over 1500 properties across the United Kingdom in over 50 different local authority areas. These were mostly built in the 1930's, 50's and 90's although several new developments have been commissioned in the last 5 years with further construction currently taking place at the Trusts' main estate in Morden, south London.

Homes are generally situated on small, well managed estates of around 30 properties but range in size from about 6 houses up to the largest estate in Morden of over 270 homes.

Properties are a mix of family-sized houses, maisonettes and smaller flats and are available to qualifying beneficiaries at a charitable rent, roughly comparable to that charged by the local authority.

Haig does not provide support services per se but the Trust will liaise with local authorities regarding Local Housing Allowance and may refer tenants to other Service charities or agencies for the provision of other support or help where this may be beneficial.

A shared leasehold/rental scheme, enabling badly wounded, disabled or seriously ill Service and ex-Service personnel whose condition is Service attributable to become shared leaseholders of a suitable property. The scheme mainly assists Servicemen and women in receipt of compensation and/or an insurance payout.

The scheme enables qualifying beneficiaries to:

  • be housed in a suitable property in a location close to family and friends
  • acquire a property whilst still serving but before final AFCS/insurance payments have been received, to allow essential adaptions to be completed by the MOD before discharge
  • acquire a suitable property before they have sold their own unsuitable property

Haig will coordinate any necessary adaptations as well as the conveyancing process, thereafter entering into a shared leaseholder/rental agreement that allows the beneficiary the option of increasing their capital investment in the property and, if desired, to buy out Haig progressively until they are the sole owner.

A new transitional housing scheme providing one bedroomed homes on the Morden estate. This is aimed at single people or couples with no dependents who are either leaving the Services or else are Veterans now wishing to return to the workplace and who wish to find employment in London but would not otherwise be able to afford (at the outset) the high cost of renting.

These homes are available on 6-monthly tenancies, extendable to 2 years and come with a package of employment and other welfare support, coordinated with sister Veterans charities, for those who need this. The rent has been set at approximately 60% of the prevailing market rate.

More information

The office is manned from 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri.
Email: enquiries@haighousing.org.uk
Call: 020 8685 5777 and ask for housing options
Website: Haig Housing

Head Office Address:
Haig Housing
Alban Dobson House
Green Lane

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