New research study with Help for Heroes works with Armed Forces family members to promote mental wellbeing

Help for Heroes and the King's Centre for Military Health Research are inviting the families of veterans and active Service Personnel to take part in a research study. Help for Heroes and the King's Centre are exploring how the people close to Veterans and Serving Personnel may be able to encourage them to access mental health support.

This study will test two different ways of helping families and close friends encourage a veteran or Serving member close to them to seek support if they are struggling. In both interventions, families and friends will learn about how they can help themselves and their loved ones.

The research aims to compare two different interventions and determine whether either of these approaches can improve wellbeing and strengthen the relationship between those who have served, and their families and close friends. The research also aims to look at how encouragement to seek mental health support from those closest to a veteran or Serving member may positively influence help-seeking.

If you are worried about the mental health of a veteran or Serving member of the Armed Forces who is close to you, this study is a valuable opportunity to get professional support and guidance.

To participate in the study, or for further information, contact Marc Archer (HALO study coordinator):

Telephone: 0207 848 5214

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