Armed Forces Covenant in Action

The Armed Forces Covenant ensures that those who have served, and their families, are treated fairly. Since the Covenant's launch in 2011, over 2000 national, regional, and local public and private sector organisations have pledged their support for the Armed Forces family.

These films showcase the positive impact the Armed Forces Covenant is having and remind us there is more we can do together.

Changing Lives in Communities

Changing Lives in Communities shows the inspirational, diverse ways Everton in the Community is recognising, responding to and helping the Armed Forces Community to transition.

Sports Buddies

Sports Buddies shows the life-changing benefits physical activity can have on veterans who take part in exercise in their local communities. This has the knock-on effect of giving more confidence to veterans and their families to take part in activities.

Veterans in Communities

Veterans in Communities shows the diverse ways creative hubs can have positive impacts on local communities, volunteers and employees. The film shows how these veteran-run hubs are supporting the Armed Forces Community to take part in community activities.

Dig In Communities

Dig-in Communities shows the practical ways members of the Armed Forces Community are supporting their local community and engaging in local life through their gardening scheme.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a visual way to learn practical lessons from local schools that increase understanding and awareness of the sacrifices of families, and support for the Armed Forces Covenant through putting on a school play.

Supporting our Communities

Supporting our Communities explores community engagement by showing the Reserve unit, 207 Field Hospital, working with their community by offering emergency life support ‘Heart Stop’ training, and getting fit and having fun by taking part in the weekly community Park Run.

Engaging our Communities

Engaging our Communities features Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Reserves working together to inspire young people by breaking down barriers, developing new skills, helping them to become employable and get into work in their local community.

Mobilising Our Communities

Mobilising our Communities features Wayne and his family, who left the Armed Forces before the launch of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2011. This story makes clear why the Armed Forces Covenant is so important: to ensure that veterans and their families get a fair deal.

Armed Forces Covenant in Action

The Armed Forces Covenant in Action opens with Andy from NHS England saying the Armed Forces Covenant was an attempt by government to put into words the commitment the nation should have towards people who served or are serving in the Armed Forces.

Inspiring Communities

Inspiring Communities was created to inspire providers of services to the Armed Forces Community and local communities to continue to support their local Armed Forces Community and the Armed Forces Covenant.

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