The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme

Our programme enables individuals to manage their emotions and to develop the resilience, focus and motivation to succeed in today's world. The programme has been developed over the last ten years to meet the demands and challenges experienced by past and present members of the armed forces and their families.

Our programmes are residential, although participants can attend on a daily basis. All participants have stated that they prefer attending a residential programme because it allows them to concentrate on themselves, free of the domestic challenges at home in the evening!

Our website describes what participants (Serving personnel, Families and Veterans) can expect and what we can provide. The programme is a very personal experience for individuals allowing them to explore their own circumstances supported by professional coaches.

Importantly, no one has to unload their 'stuff and issues' in an open forum. All the techniques that are demonstrated and taught can be conducted in privacy, and there is no need to share experiences with others.

To book yourself on a course or talk to a regional coordinator please call or email.

More information

For advice or support, contact:

Phone: 0808 8010898 (9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri)


Website: The Warrior Programme

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