Digital platforms boost support for Armed Forces in the south west

A new website and film designed to provide support to the Army Forces, and training for those working with service personnel in communities, has been launched.

Wiltshire Council, alongside partnering neighbouring authorities, has launched the digital support as part of the South West Armed Forces Covenant Project.

The website raises awareness of the covenant and provides regional information on services available for the military community in the south west. There are plans to routinely update the website with local organisations and agencies and it includes access to the Veterans and Families Service Directory.

Change Step, the film is a fictional depiction of some of the more common issues that are known to affect service personnel during transition. The film (23 mins) can be used as a training resource for individuals or to help raise awareness in organisations.


Cllr Rod Williams, Chair of the Somerset Armed Forces Covenant Partnership said: I welcome this new film (made in Somerset) and website. They should raise awareness of the immense contribution Armed Forces veterans can make to everything we do. But some of these veterans need extra help to find their feet outside the Services.It is in the interest of all of us to take advantage of their character skills and abilities. This short film should be enjoyable and educational for all of us. And the website will be an invaluable source signposting where help and support can be found for those to whom we owe so much.

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