Personalised care for veterans in England

NHS England, NHS Improvement and the MOD have published a new approach to personalised care for veterans with a long term physical, mental or neurological condition.

What do the changes mean for you?

There are three big changes to the way that you will receive care and support in England, depending on eligibility:

  • You should be able to get more community support, plus access to peer support.
  • As part of your support plan you may, if it is agreed, get a personal budget to pay for care and support.
  • You should be able to personalise your support by having more of a say in your care.

As well as supporting you the changes provide access to a greater range of care and support choices for your family, and those who support you informally.

How do I apply?

Contact your local clinical commissioning group (CCG) to find out more about your eligibility and apply.

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