Support for bereaved families – The Independent Inquest Advice (IIA) Service in Scotland

The Independent Inquest Advice (IIA) is a professional service providing free legal advice to bereaved Service families. The service can help you deal with bereavement through expert support at all stages of investigation.

What help can I get for a Fatal Accident Inquiry?

A Fatal Accident Inquiry is a complicated process, but the IIA service provides free legal advice and assistance to the families of those who have died in service.

They can help if a family member has died while serving in the UK Armed Forces (death does not have to be related to combat), or a family member has died while on active duty in the Reserve Forces (including travelling to and from duty).

The IIA can also help you with referrals to other support services, specialist lawyers, and outside agencies that will work with you throughout the process.

How can I apply?

To apply for help with a Fatal Accident Inquiry, contact The Royal British Legion for advice and support with the process.

What other support is available?

The NHS Inform website provides useful information and advice for anyone dealing with bereavement. They can also suggest other support services in your area.

SSAFA - the Armed Forces charity provides support groups to Forces families affected by bereavement. To find out more, contact SSAFA on 0800 260 6767 or visit the website.

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