I Felt Powerless to Help!

Do you worry about your child returning to Civvy Street? Thinking about them while they are away serving is normal, but now they’re safely home you might still find yourself struggling with anxious thoughts. How will your son or daughter adjust to their new life outside the wire? What help might they need to readjust and how can you support them?

“Pam’s story”

Military mum Pam felt powerless to help when her daughter became an explosive search dog handler. It filled her with horror. Watch Pam’s story to see how she coped during those tough months after her “baby” returned home.

Returning to Civvy Street is tougher than you might think, but Veterans’ Gateway is able to help. Through an extensive network of partners and specialist organisations, the support you need is never far away.

Your child might need help finding a new job, and all those skills learnt during service are transferrable and in high demand. Starting a business, education and further training, or even help buffing up a CV are all things we can advise on, or put you in touch with those who can.

Getting their finances in order, finding somewhere to live, or meeting up with similar people in the community are all steps that will help your child transition smoothly to civilian life.

In addition to physical health, mental wellbeing is a significant factor too, and your child may be dealing with issues that are not immediately obvious. There are many organisations that can help them talk through their feelings and find professional support; and our advisors are always on hand to point them in the right direction.
If your child is returning from service, or is struggling to adjust to their life back home and you’re worried like Pam was, give us a shout. Our friendly advisors, many of whom are veterans themselves, can chat with you about any concerns you may have about your child’s wellbeing, and can direct you both to get the right help fast.

"As a parent you really do worry, so to know there's an organisation like Veterans' Gateway that supports Veterans and their family is superb."

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