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Veterans UK is part of Defence Business Services (DBS), which is part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It provides free support for Service Personnel, veterans and their families, helping them get appropriate support from the Government, local authorities, independent bodies and the charity sector.

This support includes a telephone helpline (free in the UK), injury/bereavement compensation scheme payments, the Veterans Welfare Service, Defence Transition Services and a residential and nursing care home.

Veterans UK administers the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), under which claims can be made for an illness or injury caused as a result of service on or after 6 April 2005.

It also runs the War Pension Scheme (WPS), which involves the assessment, award, payment and maintenance of war pensions, related allowances and other payments for those disabled or bereaved through service before 5 April 2005.

In addition, Veterans UK looks after the assessment, award, payment and maintenance of all pensions relating to service in the Armed Forces.
Website:  Veterans UK
Veterans UK helpline:  In the UK, the number is 0808 1914 2 18. From overseas, call +44 1253 866 043. Calls are answered 8am-5pm Monday to Friday – at other times callers have the option to be routed to the Samaritans (24-hour service) if they are in crisis. Helpline staff offer specific advice on AFCS and WPS claims and also help on other issues including benefits, pensions, loans and grants, emergency accommodation, finding a job, retraining, health issues, welfare concerns, service records and medals. 
Post: Tomlinson House, Norcross, Thornton Cleveleys FY5 3WP.


Veterans Welfare Service (VWS)

The VWS provides support, guidance and information to veterans and their families via a network of welfare managers across the UK and the Irish Republic.

One-to-one advice is given by phone or on home visits (subject to Covid) and staff are specialists in helping clients make claims under the AFCS and WPS and for Department for Work and Pensions benefits. They also provide support to bereaved families and those responding to life events that bring welfare needs.

The VWS is the first point of contact for veterans needing help with legacy investigations and inquests. Staff can also help with enquiries relating to all aspects of housing, finances, employment and mental and physical health.

Website: Veterans Welfare Service (VWS)

Defence Transition Services (DTS)

DTS provides information and support for military personnel and their families most likely to face challenges as they leave the Armed Forces and adjust to civilian life. It’s a one-to-one service, giving tailored information and guidance and setting up access to support services. These can be from other government departments, local authorities, the NHS or trusted charities. DTS offers support and guidance on issues encountered by those leaving the Services, including health, accommodation, finance and debt, children, family and relationships and employment.

Self-referrals are accepted, as are enquiries through an external organisation such as a charity or the Career Transition Partnership. Service leavers can also access DTS via their unit.

Website: Defence Transition Services (DTS)

Ilford Park Polish Home

Ilford Park Polish Home, which is based in Devon, provides residential and nursing care to former members of the Polish Forces under British command in World War 2 and other eligible residents. Its services meet a wartime promise made by Winston Churchill on behalf of the Government.

Website: Ilford Park Polish Home

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