Care after Combat

Care after Combat

Care after Combat is a UK based charity providing support within the Criminal Justice System for the well-being of former British Armed Forces personnel and their families. 

Mentorship programme of support

Mentors work with people in prison and for at least one year after leaving prison. Care after Combat mentors have Armed Forces experience. Care after Combat mentors understand what it is like to be involved with the Criminal Justice System and what it is like to be in prison. Our mentorship programme is called Project Phoenix.

Group meetings in prison

Mentors hold regular group meetings in prison to make sure there is support for you when you are in prison.

Remote support service

When prisons are in lockdown conditions, we make sure we stay in touch. Care after Combat Wellbeing/Activity packs are sent out to each person every month. The packs contain paper and stamped-addressed envelopes for you to write to us.

Telephone helpline

There is a 24/7 telephone helpline available in the community and in prison.

Raising awareness through training

People who have not served in the Armed Forces often do not understand what the Armed Forces must deal with. Care after Combat provide training to services in the Criminal Justice System, in the community, and in prison. This training makes sure that non-military services better understand the military way of life and how this affects how military people think, feel and what they do. Better understanding means better help.

Connect to other services

Care after Combat work closely with a wide range of other services and organisations in prison and in the community. This gives you access to all the help you need such as healthcare, housing, employment, benefits.


Families are important so we offer specialist help and support for families. Working closely with other services means that we can direct families to the right help for them.

We listen & respond

The Care after Combat service is built on what is said by serving and former military personnel who have been to prison, and what their families say. Together we plan, prepare, execute, review, and refine the service we offer.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0300 343 0255 (24/7)  

Contact us:

Website : Care after Combat

Head Office Address:
Office 12,
Newark Beacon Centre,
Cafferata Way,
NG24 2TN

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